Our Aim

Rosary Sr. Sec. School Delhi

Inspired By Jesus Christ, The Great Teacher, We Have Committed Ourselves To The Following As The Special Aims Of The School:

  • To institutionalize the pursuit of the national goals of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity in the school system itself through its admission policies and appropriate teaching-learning techniques.
  • To promote national and social integration through the merging of children belonging to different regions and economic groups thereby enabling parents, through mutual help, to fulfill their common responsibility for the education of their children and to the advantage of the community.
  • To strive to build up the whole person (body, mind, spirit) in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility.
  • To make learning a joyful experience of discovery and creative thinking.
  • To inculcate in the students, the Gandhian values of dignity of labour and community service as an integral part of education.

To Strive To Build Up The Whole Person (Body, Mind, Spirit) In A Climate Of Freedom And Personal Responsibility