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Rosary Sr. Sec. School Delhi Rosary Sr. Sec. School Delhi
Our School Overview

65+ Years of Dedicated Service

Rosary School opened in 1958, is owned and managed by the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, a religious, charitable, educational and social organization (Society) registered under the Societies Registration Act. This society undertakes programs and projects and establishes Institutions for the development of the WHOLE PERSON and for the promotion of justice and equality. Since education of children and youth is crucial to integral development, the Society establishes and administers educational institutions.

  • To institutionalize the pursuit of the national goals of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity in the school system itself through its admission policies and appropriate teaching-learning techniques.
  • To promote national and social integration through the merging of children belonging to different regions and economic groups thereby enabling parents, through mutual help, to fulfill their common responsibility for the education of their children and to the advantage of the community.
Words of Wisdom

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Rosary Sr. Sec. School Delhi

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Year 2020, a challenging year during which we faced and lost a lot as it engulfed the entire world in the wave of deadly pandemic of Covid 19. Our life came to a standstill, so many concerns and worries and major one among them was the education of our children. We could not afford to sit back and wait for things to get back to normal rather prepare ourselves to cope with this complex situation and work out a solution for smooth functioning of the educational aspect of our children.

Rev. Fr. Savariraj

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Rosary Sr. Sec. School Delhi

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3) We are often anxious about our tomorrow and regret about the decisions that we had taken or the decision that we did not take in our life. Fear overpowers us. We want people around us to accept our actions, our identity, our views and everything revolving around us. In that rat race, we often forget our true selves and identity. Thoughts of our past haunt and traumatizes us and our future make us anxious. In this hub- hub we forget to live in this moment, remember our present is at stake. Overstressing, overexerting, and overanxiousness will only deteriorate our mental peace and our social interactive skill with our loved ones and peers. World is indeed a beautiful place to live in, venture to different places, try out different cuisines, help out and reach out to the people who are even deprived of basic amenities, our worries seem to be nothing in respect to their hardships. There is absolutely no reason to fret, ever. Trust in the plans of the almighty, he is the one who will look after you and your plans. He has inscribed your names in his palm, he knows your intentions and your heart’s desire. If something isn’t working in the way you are planning, it is because God has a better plan for you and what God wants to work will work. It is a tremendous blessing to find peace in that truth. Sadly, much energy is wasted worrying. God will put the right plans at the right time, the ones for your upliftment, into your heart. His plans will become your plans and then he will make those plans succeed. Commit all to Him and live according to his ways, there will be peace, joy, contentment, and abundance. Sherry Mariam John Counsellor

Ms. Sherry Mariam John

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Our School in Motion

  • Rosa Gathering on 02 04 2023

  • Career Conclave 2022 at Rosary Sr Sec School, Radio Colony, Delhi

  • Recognition day 2019 - 2022

  • Career Conclave 2022 at Rosary Sr Sec School, Radio Colony, Delhi