Head Boy's Message

Alan Mathews

Head Boy (2019-20)

We often tend to forget that being the best is not always going to be possible. In this fast paced world, everybody is in a race to be on the top but somewhere down the line we are forgetting how each one of us is unique and has their own potential.

In all the years I have lived, I have come to realize how people strangle themselves with the weight of their own expectations. We need to accept the fact that sometimes it’s not the society that needs to be changed, but us. What we expect may not always correspond with reality.

You do what you can as long as you can and when finally you can’t, you do the next best thing; you back up but you don’t give up. It matters not what someone is born with, but what they grow to be.

Being the proud rosarian that I am, I take utmost pride and pleasure to say that Rosary school has helped and nurtured me to become the best version of myself. It has taught us to always have a positive outlook no matter what the situation is and never give up. It has helped us evolve and bring out our individuality in the best way possible.

Remember that underlying all our fears is a lack of trust in ourselves and once we can trust ourselves, even the ordinary can be the very best!

Thank You
Best wishes,
Alan Mathews