Head Girl's Message

Yamini Khanna

Head Girl (2018-19)

Happiness is not overpriced. Happiness is in fact the sole thing which is permanent yet we make it ironically temporary. In this stressful scenario of studies and other activities in our day to day lives has taken up the place of cheerful times that were encountered in our previous generations. But don’t forget! Little things little moments matter.

You don’t have to find happiness in people who hurt you rather you find them in strangers eyes and smile. Learn to be happy in your own way. Wake up early, have a walk, spend some time with your family, write. There is a lot of wonderful time spent discovering yourself without hoping. Learn to be in silence. Learn to stand alone and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. Fill yourself with love and enthusiasm, collect every bit of affection and appreciation and care you find on your way and return it back to strangers you meet on the streets. You are not bound to everything sad and every hopeless things doesn’t relate to it. Calm down! You define yourself alone. You are not your jean or shirt size. None of it determine your worth, not even your weight or height. You are the words that you speak, emotions that you feel, you are the hope that spreads love, you are the aura that you share. Your charisma determines who you are. Your confident walk on your own path and your personality leads the way. Live for yourself. Learn to live on your own and make yourself happy, its completely your choice to find sparks of happiness in every fire that’s blazing or keep screaming from the rooftop.

Thank You. Keep smiling

Best Wishes,
Yamini Khanna
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