Head Girl's Message

Aditi Tibarewal

Head Girl (2017-18)

Good Morning Respected Father Principal,
Headmistresses, Teachers, Dear parents and our entire Rosarian family.

I, Alan Jomon yours truly head boy and I, Aditi Tibarewal the head girl, feel honored and privileged as we speak our hearts out for one last time as a student of Rosary School.

So many things have changed in these 14 years in all aspects. When we first came here we were like wet clay and today we walk out as molded artifacts. Artifacts that will not only shape others into a better human beings but shape their future lives as well as we step out and see the world.

We can't thank Rosary School enough for these 14 Golden Years.

If we assume that we are at the center of the universe from where infinity tends in all directions, similarly standing on the stage today, I see the faces of the people who gave us the direction, the motivation we needed in our life.

Starting from our Former Principals Rev Fr. Alphonse & Rev Fr. Sabu to the present principal Rev. Fr. Vincent D’souza and our present headmistresses Sr. Lima, Sr. Shaila and Sr. Mithu. Our heartfelt gratitude to you all for being a constant source of motivation and for being role models to all of us. Father, whenever we will think of you, we will smile and whenever we smile,

we will think of you!

Second being our very dear teachers, for helping us mold our academic journeys and providing us with platforms to voice our opinions, display our talents and for teaching us that Failing isn't the end it just means that victory is around the corner. Special thanks to our discipline committee for guiding us and polishing our leadership skills.

Third- our parents! They were there when we with teary eyes did not want to come here and they are with us right now as well when with teary eyes we don't want to leave this place which was our Second home.

Dear parents we are indebted to you and no matter what we achieve we can never pay you back for all that you have done for us. But we promise one thing, anything we do in our life WE WILL MAKE YOU PROUD!!!

And fourth being the Administrative staff, Auxiliary staff, friends, batch mates and juniors who made these 14years pass like turning on off a switch.

Today as we get an opportunity to give advice to our fellow juniors.

I think, what I have learnt till now in life, is to be patient.

There will be times when things will be difficult. There will be times when you want things to go in a certain way but they don't go that way.

But what you have to do is “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR VISION.”

It is very important to have clarity about what you really want to do in life. Everybody should have a passion. Set a goal, make that goal your life, think of it, dream of it and work hard for it.

Overcome your fears. For example, let’s say you have stage fear, walk to your teacher and ask for a chance, If you face difficulty with a subject, Decide and work harder to crack that subject, but do!

Overcome your fears right now, because Right now, in this age you have ample amount of time. And remember,

Also, make sure no matter how much you achieve in life, how successful you become, always stay down to Earth because ultimately nobody remembers how many degrees you had, but everybody remembers how you treated them and others.

With this thought, we conclude our message for you all with a heavy heart and wide smile. And we also hope and pray that you all have a beautiful and a happy year ahead. We will miss you all. All the best to all of us. Keep us as well as 10thies in your prayers.

Thank You. Keep smiling

Best Wishes,
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