Head Boy's Message

Alan Jomon

Head Boy (2017-18)

“If you need to go far, you need to go together”

It is without equivocation when I say that Rosary Senior Secondary School is truly a magical place.

I would like to use this platform to thank all the people who supported and helped me through my endeavors to get through these 14 amazing years of my journey through Rosary School. I am honored, thrilled and privileged to be elected as the Head Boy, for the Jubilee year i.e. 60th year of Rosary School. .

I would in a special way like to thank our dynamic and enterprising Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent D’ Souza, the Head-Mistresses, my mentors and my fellow Rosarians who elected me and found me capable of this prestigious post of Head Boy. .

I believe that this remarkable institution has truly shaped me into the confident individual I am today. .

My message to my fellow Rosarians would be that, sometimes in the race of life there would be moments when your legs will tremble, and you’ll hit hard on the ground. People will stamp over you and will try to trip you over to win their race. But, it would be at that moment when you’ll have to use your will power and mental strength to show them your mettle and make them understand that hard-work, determination and will-power are the keys that will help you win this amazing race of life like a true winner. .

It is impossible to measure my gratitude for being able to share the experience of such a place with my friends and for the innumerable benefits it has provided me; but I hope this website gives you a glimpse into our beautiful second home i.e. The Rosarian Family.

Thank You
Alan Jomon
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